A Quick History of the Golf Tee

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When you tee up your golf ball do ever wonder who designed the first golf tee or why? I didn’t. But I came across this blogger and he wrote about the tee. I never knew that prior to the turn of the 19th century, golfers used mounds of wet sand to tee up their golf ball. Golf courses provided boxes of wet sand and the golfer would either make a mound with their hands or use a cone shaped mold.

It took a dentist, yes, you are reading that right, a dentist who loved to play golf to get really tired of using a mound of wet sand, to invent the first wooden tee. The patent for Dr. George Grant’s wooden tee was issued in 1899, yet he never made any money from his invention, preferring to make tees for himself and his family and friends.

And believe it or not, another dentist, Dr. William Lowell invented the Reddy Tee in the 1920’s the wooden tee became common practice.

So now you know a little history about the wooden tee. I wonder if you will think about Dr. Grant or Dr. Lowell the next time you tee up.

Reddy Tee