A Tribute to Golf Bloggers

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A Tribute to Golf Bloggers – Last year, my husband, just out of the blue, said he wanted to open an online golf store. We love to golf.  So, what a better way to supplement our income than an online golf accessories store. Now this is very important because he is the one who wanted to go on this new and very scary journey, but it has become my business. Maybe because I had all the computer skills and the patience to learn new things. Who knows?

My husband and I decided that we were going to only sell golf accessories. And so, the research began. What kind of accessories are golfers using to make the round a little more enjoyable, men and women? What are the hot items? The more research I did, the more I realized how little I knew about the game itself, golf equipment and the accessories that are out there to make it easier or more enjoyable for the average golfer. It was very humbling to realize that although I had been golfing for 15 years, I really didn’t know a lot about the game I love to play.
A tribute to golf bloggers

During my research, I found that there are hundreds of golf bloggers out there who dedicate their time and energy to research and try out golf products all for the benefit of average golfers like me. They review clubs, balls, clothing, training aids and more. They provide in-depth comparisons and the pros and cons of the product they are reviewing. They are passionate, funny, and yet serious about providing us with the best information possible in order for us to make better informed decisions. I went from one blogging site to another focusing on reviews on products that we were interested in selling on our website. Because of their articles, I was able to make better decisions on the products we would eventually sell. I was and am learning more and more everyday because of these dedicated bloggers.

In November 2020, I came across Until The Next Tee Blog by Alexander Toth. I read Alex’s article “First Impressions” Review – Bridgestone Golf TOUR B Golf Balls (2020) that he had written in May of 2020. Although his focus was on the Bridgestone Golf TOUR B Golf Balls (2020), I learned a great deal about golf balls. To be honest, I never thought about the golf ball other than whether it was a ladies’ or not and the color. I know that there are hundreds of lady golfers who are very particular about which brand or type of golf ball they use. For me, I didn’t think it really mattered in my case. I don’t know that I could tell you the difference in golf balls when striking one. I am just not that good.
A Tribute to Golf Bloggers

After reading Alex’s article, I learned that golf balls are one of the most important components of your game, even for the Older Average Lady Golfers like me. I commented on his article because I appreciated him taking the time to educate golfers like me. His article not only gave me insight on the Bridgestone but it also gave me some food for thought. Maybe a certain brand or type of ball would help me get a little more distance. Alex responded to my comment and recommended the Wilson DUO for my slower swing speed.

I received a dozen Wilson DUO’s for Christmas 2020. I used my Golf Buddy to keep track of my last shot. And low and behold, my distance improved with my new Wilson DUOs. Off the tee, I was able to get 10 more yards. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but in my case, every yard counts. In the fairway, I was getting sometimes more or less depending on how well I struck the ball. I decided to do a test to see if it was really the golf ball or was it me. I used the Wilson DUO on the front nine and then used a Callaway on the back. It was the ball! I consistently gained more distance with the Wilson DUO than the Callaway.

Thanks to Alex, one minor change in my game made a big difference. So, I want to say thank you to you Alex and all the golf bloggers who are dedicated in helping other golfers in anyway they can. You all have not only helped me tremendously in the start-up of me and my husband’s business, but also to me personally. You all are much needed and appreciated. Keep blogging!