Are There Really Jinxes and Golfing Gods?

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Are There Really Jinxes and Golfing Gods?

Are there really Jinxes or Golfing Gods in golf? Absolutely, just ask my husband. My husband even believes that I am a jinx when it comes to golf. If I say “hey, great shot” before his ball lands safely in the fairway, I am in big trouble. More often than not, if I comment on his shot while the golf ball is in flight, the ball ends up in the woods, a fairway bunker or worse. My husband believes that you just don’t say anything about a shot while the ball is in flight.  Never! Well, if you are me that is. He is very polite with other golfers.

Me, I just try and not get too excited about the occasional par or birdie I make. It never fails that I get a par or birdie and I do the birdie dance, and the very next hole I double bogey. I am not even close to the golfer my husband is so, pars and birdies are worth dances on the green. Of course, my husband reminds me after my little birdie dance that I have probably just jinxed myself. Oh well! Not giving up the birdie dance.

And Golfing Gods! I have heard him pray to the Golfing Gods more than I care to count. If he gets away with a shot like having the ball skip across the water and land on the green or if a ball hits a tree and ends up in the fairway, he will say the Golfing Gods are giving him a warning. Make better shots or next time you won’t be so lucky! Or that great shot will not go unpunished. Of course, our son just says “you are so lucky, Pop”.
jinxes and golfing gods

So, whether you believe or don’t believe in jinxes or Golfing Gods, beware! If you make too many lucky shots, the Golfing Gods are just biding their time. And they will show up when you least expect them or want them. And there are many golfers out there who feel the same way my husband does.  Someone or something can jinx your shot and the jinxes and the Golfing Gods can change your whole game if you aren’t careful.

Let me know if you believe in jinxes or Golfing Gods. I would love to hear your story.