Beginner Guide to Golf: How Far Should I Hit Each Golf Club?

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Beginner Guide to Golf: How Far Should I Hit Each Golf Club? So, how far are you supposed to hit each golf club? While there is no clear answer, this beginner golf driver guide can help you understand your distances better. Read on.

A guide to beginner golf driver distance

There are many factors that can affect how far you should hit each golf club. These factors include the type of golf clubs you are using, golf balls, the playing conditions, your physical ability, and natural swing speed.

Wide variation in golfer’s distances

Distances between golfers will vary greatly. One golfer’s 8-iron distance could be another golfer’s 6-iron distance and so forth. But this does not mean that it is the wrong golf club for the distance. I often see golfer’s that try to hit a certain club because they think that’s what they should hit for that distance. It is vital to understand that there is NO WRONG CLUB DISTANCE, there is only your distance.

How do I find my golf yardages?

When you start playing, you will quickly get an idea of whether you are a long hitter or short hitter simply by playing. As you play more, your yardages will likely change. Being a long hitter doesn’t necessarily mean you will shoot lower scores. Hitting it straight and hitting greens in regulation will help you score better.

What is the average distance for each golf club?

Not all golf clubs produce the same distances. In fact, there are several factors that influence the total distance a club can achieve. These include:


Different club faces have different unique angles. The steeper this angle, the more loft the club will be able to achieve. Drivers, for instance, are specifically designed to have great distance, with club faces that create an almost straight angle on both sides, resulting in a lower loft. Pitching wedges, on the other hand, have more pronounced angles that produce higher lofts.

Swing speed

The speed of your swing is an important factor in achieving greater distances. The higher your swing speed is, the more distance you will achieve. In fact, your distance can be increased by as much as three yards for each additional 1mph of swing speed.

swing speed radar


Your total distance will also depend on the type of club you use as well as your gender. In general, males are able to swing their clubs faster than females, hitting the ball to greater distances. However, women can achieve fantastic distances too, sometimes hitting even farther than men.

Weather conditions

Strong wind can greatly affect the distances you are able to achieve with your club. What’s more, golf balls also tend to travel less distance in colder weather due to the fact that cold air creates more friction than warm air. Also, if your club and ball are cold, the transfer of energy between them will be less efficient, resulting in lower ball speed.
Winter Golf

Just Do You!

Instead of worrying about what drivers senior golfers use or what your friends hit, just play your distances and you will play better and score lower. As you improve you may gain distance and will have to reevaluate which clubs are best for YOUR distances. Practice and play your game!