A Tribute to Golf Bloggers


A Tribute to Golf Bloggers – Last year, my husband, just out of the blue, said he wanted to open an online golf store. We love to golf.  So, what a better way to supplement our income than an online golf accessories store. Now this is very important because he is the one who wanted to […]

Golf Trivia

Golf Trivia

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about quotes from famous golfers and those people associated with golf. This week I am keeping it lite with some golf trivia. See how many answers you get right without peeking. The origin of the word “golf” comes from the acronym “Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden.” Before […]

Why You Should Choose Golf Lessons For Your Kids

Coaching Kids

What Age Should Kids Begin Golf Lessons? Before we even get swinging, let’s figure out how old your kids should be to start playing golf. Well, honestly, the answer may surprise you. Kids can start playing golf as young as three years old. That’s right, they may have only been walking for a year and […]

Beginner Guide to Golf: How Far Should I Hit Each Golf Club?

Golf Clubs

Beginner Guide to Golf: How Far Should I Hit Each Golf Club? So, how far are you supposed to hit each golf club? While there is no clear answer, this beginner golf driver guide can help you understand your distances better. Read on. A guide to beginner golf driver distance There are many factors that […]

20 of My favorite Golf Quotes

The Three Great Golfers

Sometimes you don’t have a point to make. Sometimes you just want to share something that might make someone smile. These quotes inspire me every time I read them and I hope they will inspire you. Golf is a physically and mentally challenging sport. So, maybe just maybe, these quotes from the greats in golf […]