Eight Rules of Golf Etiquette from the Tee Box to the Green

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Eight Rules of Golf Etiquette: It seems that the last thing new golfers learn is etiquette. But in my mind, it should be the first. Too many new golfers park on the edge of the green, or don’t allow faster players to play through. They don’t realize that they can hit a really good shot and hit someone if they don’t know to wait for a group in front of them to get on green. They don’t dress for the occasion. Of course, some courses don’t have dress codes so that is understandable.

Golfers who are new to the game and even those who have been around a long time should review some of the basic rules of golf etiquette. If you know the basic rules and follow them, it will improve the golfing experience for all golfers. Here are just a few of the basics that all new and seasoned golfers should remember.

  • Etiquette before the game. Remember, everything you do on the course affects the group you are in and all the other golfers on the course.
  • No golf bags in the clubhouse. That should be a no brainer. Your bags will be perfectly safe on the cart or sitting outside. There is a honor code among golfers.
  • Respect peoples time. Yes, we all paid to enjoy a day on the course. But maybe not all days. So please remember to keep up with the group in front of you.
  • Introduce yourself with a handshake. Of course, now due to Covid, you have to just nod and use social distancing. But maybe we will get back to normal soon.
  • Dress appropriately. I know that we all can’t dress like Tiger Woods or Paula Creamer but at least try and dress appropriately. A nice pair of shorts and a collared shirt for men and for women, nice shorts and collared shirt. I hate to see someone in sweatpants and an old ratty t-shirt. If you dress the part, it might just improve your score. Or not.
    Eight Rules of Golf Etiquette
  • Etiquette for general play. Know the basics. If you are riding in a golf cart, the rules are sometimes labeled on the inside in case you need a reminder or just don’t know.
  • Silence is golden! Nothing is worse than hearing a bunch of golfers laughing or talking when you are trying to hit off the tee or sink that much needed putt. Just be mindful of those around you.
  • Take your time BUT don’t be slow. There is nothing worse, than slow play. If you are just learning to play, ask the Pro Shop the best time to get out there and play without slowing everyone down. Or let others play through.

Golf Etiquette is not really that hard to remember or practice. Use your common sense and you and everyone else will have a much more enjoyable time. Good Luck and Have a Great Time out there!