Expensive Golf Courses Don’t Guarantee A Great Time!

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Have you ever been really excited about playing a very nice golf course for the first time and just been so disappointed at the end of the day? Not because you didn’t play well, but because of the entire experience. Well, my husband and I had that experience and to add insult to injury, it cost us $220. Yep, we paid $220 to have a really crappy time.

We lived in Newport News, VA for many years but had never played one of the finer golf courses in Williamsburg. The courses in Williamsburg are very expensive, around $110 per person. So, for my husband’s birthday, I scheduled a tee time for the River Course at King’s Mill.

It was late summer and the weather was beautiful. The weather forecast didn’t show rain for that day and like idiots we didn’t put our rain gear in our bags. We checked in with the starter and he told us that we were behind 2 foursomes and that play was slow. We should have just turned around and headed back home. But we know that when you play as a twosome you run the risk of slow play.

By the 4th hole, we knew it was going to be a very long day. The group in front us were out there to party and golf. We were glad that they were enjoying themselves, but they never even looked back to see that they had a couple always waiting on them every hole. And they got slower and slower.

By the 8th hole, the rain came rolling in. Not just a few sprinkles. No, it started to pour. My husband was on the tee box, and his hands and driver were so wet, that when he hit the ball, his driver went flying. And remember, we had left our rain gear at home. So, there we were our only shelter on this course was our golf cart. We sat and waited for a few minutes and it just stopped. Thank heavens for that. But now we are soaked and everything is wet and we are behind a group of guys that are now so drunk that it is becoming ridiculous.

Now, the Rivers Course isn’t laid our where the club house is at the turn so we couldn’t go inside and ask about a Marshall. So, on we go to the 10th hole and these guys are just partying hard. It reminded us of the movie “Navy Seals” and the Seal Team is playing golf at the Eagle Haven Golf Course at the Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, VA. Do we just call it a day, or do we proceed? We did pay $220.

By the 13th hole, we had had enough. They weren’t going to let us play through so we just skipped the hole. Of course, that is always disappointing but we just couldn’t take it anymore. We got to the 14th hole and look at that, the course was wide open. We didn’t even see the other foursome that was ahead of us. We were finally drying out, hitting the ball well and made the best of the last 5 holes.

Although the River Course is both beautiful and challenging, it wasn’t a course we were planning on a playing again. We got our golf ball with the River Course Logo and went home. The next week we played at the Pines Golf Course on the Ft. Eustis Army Base, only paid $21 a person with a cart and had a marvelous time.
Expensive courses don’t guarantee you will have a great time, avoid slow play or guarantee a Marshall. You hope that it does guarantee beautifully manicured fairways, nice greens without fungus or disease and manageable roughs. We find that you can play a course that is much less expensive, has a Marshall and the speed of play is really managed well. The fairways maybe won’t be as nice and the roughs are a little long but if you are golfing well you have a better chance of having a great time!

River Course
River Course at Kingsmill
Pines Golf Course
The Pines Golf Course at Ft. Eustis Army Base