Golf Etiquette and How It Affects Speed of Play – Part 2

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You are following a 4some and they either take golf very seriously or are playing for money. Each shot really counts. You watch one of the golfers in the group and you find yourself counting how many practice swings he takes. One, two, three, four, five, you are now at 11 practice swings and you give up counting.  It might have been okay if he had made an amazing shot but when finally takes the shot, he either shanks it, hits it fat or thin or it may go 20 yards. And what is maddening is that he does it for every shot.

The foursome is finally on the green and you are thinking it is about time. You have been waiting in the middle of the fairway for some time. Each one takes his time lining up his putt and marking his ball for the next putt. It’s another 5 minutes before they walk off the green to their carts.  You wait in anticipation to hit your next shot onto the green but they aren’t moving. So, you still can’t hit. Why, what are they doing? They are writing down their scores. They couldn’t do it at the next tee box so you could hit. No, that would have shown a little golf etiquette.

When you can finally hit, you realize you can’t see the flag. That is because the 4some in front of you has left it on the green. Could this get any worse?

So, here is a tip from an average lady golfer. If you can’t find your rhythm after 2 practice swings, then you probably won’t find it after more than 11. In order to improve speed of play, no golfer should take more than a couple of practice swings. Even the USGA published that to improve pace of play, try to take no more than one practice swing, then set up to the ball and play your shot.

Here’s another tip. Don’t forget to put the pin back in for the golfers behind you.

And the last tip: Don’t write down your score until you get to the next tee box. There will be plenty of time to write it down before you tee up. When you are trying to figure out your score at the hole you just finished, you are holding up the golfers behind you. If your cart is parked behind the green as it should be, you are in the line of sight of the golfers behind you. It is either a distraction or a safety issue as a golfer might hit the ball over the green and the ball hits you.

Golf Etiquette benefits everyone on the course. These simple tips will make it much more enjoyable for everyone.

Come back next week for more tips on how to improve Speed of Play!