Looked Like a Dead Bug

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Ok, so I am a retired Naval Officer. And while I was on active duty my husband and I golfed in a lot of Navy golf tournaments to raise money for different charities.  We were playing a tournament at the Woodlands Golf Course in Hampton VA and it was the very first hole. My husband and I were in the same golf cart and that is important to know. He and I had teed off and were heading to my ball because of course he hits a longer drive than I do. I don’t remember what I was doing when this thing happened. I think I was picking something up from the golf cart floor and leaning to the right when my husband was making a hard turn to the left. The next thing I know, I flew out of the golf cart and landed on my back with both legs and both arms straight out like a dead bug. And that was the first darn hole. Talk about embarrassed.

To say the least my game didn’t go very well. My whole body hurt and I had a terrible headache. But we were in a foursome and we had to keep going.  And of course, the men we were playing with were torn between laughing their butts off and concern for me. My husband had no problem laughing so hard he almost fell out of the golf cart but he also helped me up and made sure I was okay.

Word spread like wild fire about the dead bug on the golf course and my embarrassment grew exponentially.  But all was not lost. Our foursome came in 2nd place and we all had something to laugh about.