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Orange Whip

When you got the golfing bug, did you buy all kinds of not only golf equipment, but also, golf training aids? My husband and I love to play golf. My husband started golfing in his early thirties and unfortunately, I waited until I was in my early forties, I know, way too late. When I finally gave in to playing golf, I really got the golfing bug. We were taking golfing vacations every three-day weekend and taking advantage of numerous Stay and Play opportunities. We also bought all kinds of golf training aids. If you look in our garage, you will see all of these aids just gathering dust.

But there is one swing training aid that we bought a couple of years ago that is always in my husband’s golf bag, the Orange Whip. He uses the Orange Whip to warm up because there aren’t any courses in our area that have a driving range. He uses it before every Tee-Shot to get his rhythm and improve his range of motion.

The Orange Whip increases your flexibility and strengthens your golf muscles through its weighted and counterweighted system.  It will also improve your range of motion and strengthen your swing power while maintaining control. My husband says he can see the difference in not only his distance off the tee, but he also has better control.

The Orange Whip can be used every day by men and women. It is a great warm up swing trainer.  Use it right before that first drive of the day. Swing over and over to develop your own tempo and balance. Swing every day for consistent shots on the golf course. The Orange Whip will let you know where you need to improve. Any wobble in your swing indicates a need to improve tempo and balance. Receive instant feedback with each swing!

From one golfer to another: This is a quality training aid and you can actually feel that quality. It is handmade in the USA with American parts. The Orange Whip is made to last and built for endurance.

Try it! You will see a difference!