Phil Mickelson – The Fans Can’t Get Enough

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Phil Mickelson is a lot like Jack Nicklaus in that Phil Mickelson will carry that tall tree no one else can or will attempt to even try. He has also been known to take that lake in one shot when everyone else is laying up short. Phil Mickelson is one of the best if not the best at getting out of that greenside bunker. “Greenside bunker.” No problem!  Phil is a confident and entertaining golfer. Just ask any fan and any other player on tour.
phil shot

He is known for his constant bantering back and forth with other PGA tour players and talking a great deal of smack. But he can take as good as he gives Just ask Tiger Woods. At first, fierce competitors. Later, lifelong friends.
tiger and phil

He is also great with fans. If he hits a fan with his errant shot, he will go over and him and give him a signed glove that says, “I am sorry”. He has even given a fan $200 for breaking his watch due to an errant shot. If you have the opportunity to be at a tournament and can stick around awhile, you will find him giving out golf balls to all of the children. He has even been known to ask for caddy advice from the youngest fans. And they just love it. Just ask Riley!

During one tournament, Mickelson even talked back to a fan while his shot was in the air. After his tee shot, a fan said it looks better than Tiger Woods’ shot. Without skipping a beat, Mickelson responded “Oh, it is” as he completed his backswing. The golf ball ended up five feet from the hole. Leave it to Phil. One of the golfing fans favorite golfers.

The 2021 PGA Championship was a great example of the fans love of Phil Mickelson. If you had the opportunity to watch the PGA Championship 2021, you saw the fans running to the 18th green on the final round. He was surrounded by loving fans old and young. I have never seen anything like it before. Congratulations to Phil for not only winning the 2021 PGA Championship, but also, for they way he interacts with his fans!