Seven Things to Think About When Choosing a Golf Cart Bag

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My husband and I are finally taking the plunge and are going to buy new golf cart bags.  Our bags are ratty and embarrassing.  We have had the same golf bags for over a decade and they look it. These are the things that we are looking for in our new bags.  Now we are in our late fifties so some of these characteristics might not apply to you. Hopefully some of these characteristics will be something you haven’t thought of in your search for your new bag. Our list is not in any order of precedence.

  1. I am a retired Naval Officer and I want a Navy Golf Bag if it has all the other characteristics I want. My husband is a real Green Bay Packers fan but, I’m not sure that he would ever get a Green Bay Bag.
  2. The cart bag has to be light weight. Most people only think of the weight of a bag when buying a walking bag. But we are getting older and getting the bags in and out of the car, carrying them to the golf cart, carrying them to the bag drop or through the airport, they can become very heavy.
  3. Ample storage. Cell phones, keys, bug spray, balls, tees, gloves, bag cover, small training aids, do I need to say more?
  4. Snap and lock opening for the clubs. My husband and I don’t like to hear the clubs clank against each other so this is a must. The sound is not only annoying but if you don’t have head covers on your clubs, you risk damaging your clubs.
  5. Something we would like to see is bigger openings in the snap and lock system. My husband uses oversized grips and our bags have the snap and lock system but the holes are a little to small for the oversized grips.
  6. A tube on the outside of the bag for the putter. We have clips on the outside of our bags, and we have lost either the top or bottom clip and now have to put our putters in our bags. I really hate that. So, the next bag must have a tube on the outside for the putter.
  7. Last but not least is the price. We don’t want cheap bags. Ours did last for over a decade. But we don’t want to take out a loan on the darn things.

So, if you are looking for a new golf cart bag, we hope this helps even a little in your decision-making process. Good luck in your search.

By the way, this is a great looking Golf Cart Bag, if I do say so.