Some Things You Should Just Not Do on the Golf Course

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1. Don’t ever drink Moon Shine if you don’t ever drink. I don’t drink. My husband and I went to Gatlinburg, TN for a Stay and Play. We took sometime to visit downtown Gatlinburg and came across this shop that had Bourbon Flights and sold Moon Shine. My husband tested a few different Bourbons and we took home a pint of Apple Pie Moon Shine.

We thought at the time that it would be a good idea to take the Moon Shine on the golf course. Now remember, I don’t drink. I had a couple of shots and the next thing I knew I was on the Tee Box without my driver. One hole, I forgot my ball and tee and swung my driver not realizing I didn’t have a ball tee’d up. I think at some point, I hit the ball and it went over my head and landed close to the back of my foot. Not sure how that happened. Ugh!

2.  Don’t allow your 8-year old daughter to drive the golf cart on the golf course. Now this was 49 years ago. My father was an avid golfer and he and my older brother golfed quite a bit. I once asked my dad why he loved to play golf. He told me it was both a mentally and physically challenging sport. I believe I told him that it looked boring to me. So, one day, he told me to put on some jeans and a nice top and tennis shoes, we were going golfing.

I have to admit I was excited. I got to go golfing with my father at Valley High Country Club. Normally, I just swam in the pool, while my brother and dad played golf. Anyway, on about the 15th hole I think, he told me to get in the driver’s seat and that is where it all went wrong. My dad’s drive went close to a pond or lake, I don’t remember which, and so I drove the cart over to my dad’s ball. All seemed good. I stopped by my dad’s ball, he got out and went to get his club out of his bag, he went to his ball and he told me to move the cart away from him. Well, I didn’t have any experience, and instead of turning the wheel to the left or right, I just drove straight into the pond. Luckily, it wasn’t deep and I got out of the cart, walked back to my dad scared to death. My dad was great. He said it would be okay. He took off his golf shoes, rolled up his pants and retrieved his golf bag. There weren’t cell phones then, so he and I had to walk back to the Pro Shop. Now, he had me stay outside, so I have no idea what he told them, but the next thing I know, they gave my dad another golf cart to finish the round. And while we were on the course, I saw a Gator pulling out the golf cart out of the lake.

My dad never got mad, but I never went golfing with him again. Unfortunately, my dad was killed in a car accident when I was 14 years old. He was in a golf tournament, winning by the way, and the night before the last round, he was killed. I wish he could see me and my sister golf. I think my dad would have liked golfing with all of his children.