SuperSpeed Golf Training System

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The SuperSpeed Training System is not just three weighted sticks. It is a training system and takes about 12 weeks to complete. Two years’ worth of online instruction comes with the system so that you use the system correctly. If you want to do some serious research on this system, you will find numerous blogs and reviews that discuss the SuperSpeed Golf Training System and most of them will say that it really works. More than 600 Pros on tour are using it. I actually watched Phil Mickelson on the range before the Master’s using the SuperSpeed. He has said that he now has a swing speed of 122mph and ball speeds upwards of 185mph. He has been using the SuperSpeed Golf Training System since 2017.

Now, most of the reviews and blogs are geared to improving men’s swing speeds. But what I have found out that there are three different SuperSpeed Training Systems. One for men, one for women and one for seniors. I don’t know how the system works for women and seniors, but if it works for the men, it most probably will work for the women and seniors.

So, if you want to increase your swing speed for more distance? Then the Superspeed Golf Training System is the right training aid for you. This training system only takes 10 minutes 3x per week to see results. The more you use it, the sooner you will see the results you want. Just remember to follow the training system correctly to avoid injury and to ensure you get the most out of this system.

I thought it would be the responsible thing to do by including one of many of the SuperSpeed training videos.  It is a short one but very informative about this great system.

I am hoping that Santa surprises this older average lady golfer with this system so I can personally try it and maybe just maybe increase my swing speed.