Superstitions in Golf?

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Superstitions in Golf? I just wrote an article about Jinxes and Golfing Gods. Now it is time to discuss superstitions. There are those golfers who have lucky pants and shirts or socks. Even lucky golf balls, meaning they only use a certain brand or number. I believe there are even superstitious rules in golf such as don’t use a water ball for a hole that has water because the ball will be drawn to the water. Me, I always use a water ball for a hole that has water because I don’t want to lose my good ball. But maybe I should be superstitious. Then maybe, just once, I would make it over the water.

There is the superstitious rule that you don’t switch out or wash a golf ball that has been giving you birdies and pars. If you wash the ball, it might wash off the good karma and if you switch it out, you are putting away a ball with awesome karma for one that hasn’t been hit all day. Big No, No. I don’t have to worry about this one because I don’t’ wash off my golf ball unless it has mud on it. And it really doesn’t seem to make a big difference for me. That gives you a clue on how poorly I play.

If you are one of those who has golf superstitions, you are not alone. Look at Tiger Woods. Black pants and Red shirts on the final round. Although Tiger says he isn’t superstitious, his mother is. She believes the color red represents power. Thus, Red shirt on final rounds of any tournament.

superstitions in golf


Paula Creamer, the Pink Panther wears pink on the final-round and it is her  signature color. My husband and I actually met her some years ago at the Michelob Classic at Kingsmill. My husband shook her hand and he was absolutely giddy. And yes, she was wearing pink for the final round. Nice young woman and great golfer.
superstitions in golf


Tom Weiskoff   believes in the power of threes. Before he hits the green, he has to have three cents and three tees in his pocket. Not sure why that is, but it seems to work for him. I just might try it the next time I go out.

superstitions in golf

Jack Nicklaus also is a strong believer in the number 3 – he’ll only golf when he has three coins in his pocket. Unlike Chi Chi Rodriguez, it doesn’t matter what denomination his coins are just that there are three coins. I don’t think I can carry 3 cents and 3 tees in my pocket, but it might be worth a try for at least one round.

superstitions in golf

I mentioned that some golfers have golf ball superstitions. Ernie Els believes that every ball only has one birdie in it. Once your ball has hit that birdie, time to switch it out for a newer, birdie ball. I can’t afford to switch out balls like that. Oh, what was I thinking, I don’t make birdies so I will be able to use my ball all day. Phew!

superstitions in golf

What about you? If you have any golf superstitions let me know. I would love to hear about them.