Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have a Tantrum on the Golf Course

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  1. Golf is a “Gentlemen’s Game” and you don’t look gentlemanly if you throw a tantrum. Tiger Woods is a prime example of a gentlemen at least for his attitude and actions on the awful 12th hole of the 2020 Masters.
  2. If you let the last bad hole control you, then the next hole or the entire round can be ruined. Tiger Woods again is the epitome of what to do after a bad hole at least for this hole and this tournament. Regroup and move on. Maybe he is growing up.
  3. You can hurt someone if you just hit a ball with all your might and it hits someone.
  4. Or you can do what my son did. He was angry because he had just played poorly on the last hole. He got to the next tee box before me and my husband and he teed up and hit the ball. Now he is 6’1” and has a swing speed of about 130. And unfortunately, he hit a worm burner and it hit me right in the calf, knocking me down. The ball cut my leg open and I had the mark of the ball and the dimples for about 6 months. He felt so bad, he left the course and didn’t play again for several months. He never did that again and doesn’t allow one hole to control his game. Hard Lesson to Learn!
  5. It can be expensive if you throw your club, clubs or golf bag into the lake.
  6. If someone hits into you and you take their ball and hit it back at them. Not only is that showing your childish behavior but again you can hurt someone.
  7. You can break the shaft throwing your club into the air and it hits a tree.
  8. You can make everyone in your group uncomfortable and they may not want to play with you in the future.
  9. Golfing is a sport that is mentally and physically challenging. If you throw a tantrum, you are expending mental and physical energy in the wrong direction. Save your energy for your swing, and you will probably do a lot better.
  10. Some courses actually have Marshalls and you could get thrown off the course if they see you having a tantrum. That can be costly if you are playing a course that costs over a $100 a round. Some courses will ban you from the course. That really hurts.

Author’s Note: We all have been there. Frustrated beyond belief. But we all need to remember that golfing is supposed to be a time to enjoy being outside in the beauty of nature, a break from work or chores at home, and just being with good friends. It is also a time to meet new people. Don’t take it too seriously. It is supposed to be fun.