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I have never belonged in a women’s golf league. My husband and I enjoy golfing together and I just didn’t feel the need. I had also heard that women’s leagues could sometimes be very strict. No mulligans, play by the rules, period and could sometimes be pretty cutthroat. I didn’t start playing golf until I was in my forties so I definitely wasn’t good enough to play in those kinds of leagues. Too intimidating for me.

Now my sister golfs and she joined a women’s league called the Amigas. She got really lucky with this league. The women in the Amigas are there to enjoy golfing with other women, the camaraderie and the laughter.  The league has weeks where they play a certain game, like $1 for chip ins.  But what is nice about this league is that if you don’t feel like playing the game of the week, you don’t have to. You can just enjoy playing with the other women.

The women in my sister’s foursome are really about the fun and laughter and maybe a little Birdie Juice. Now what is Birdie Juice, you wonder? Well, Birdie Juice is either Baileys Salted Caramel or Butterscotch Schnapps or RumChata, a cream liqueur. It really depends on who is bringing the Birdie Juice that week.  Now there are rules for getting to drink this Birdie Juice. Yes, I know, rules. But you have to have rules on the golf course.  The foursome gets to have a shot of Birdie Juice if someone gets a Birdie. And you just don’t have a shot, you have to yell “we are drinking now”. Now this will bring over other foursomes to share in the Birdie Juice.

So, what happens when no one is getting Birdies? Well then you have Par Punch. Same liquor, just a different name. And if no one is getting Pars, you move on to Bogie Brew. Someone is most assuredly going to get a Bogie. Anything to start drinking.

Now we need to talk a little about some of the players in my sister’s foursome. I think I will have you get to know Jean first. I am going to adoringly call her “Tin Cup” Jean. When Jean joined the Amigas she was just a beginner and very determined. Now there a couple of holes on the Crooked Tree Golf Course that have ponds that you have to fly your ball over. On one particular day, my sister’s foursome was on the 1st hole and you have to get over the water. It was Jean’s turn to hit over the water and her first attempt was right into the water. I say first attempt because there were many more attempts to follow. Jean tried 12 times to get over this darn water. In the meantime, my sister and the other ladies were just in awe. I am not sure that they weren’t just dying of laughter inside. Finally, after 12 times, Jean said enough is enough. Now, you would think that Jean would not want to do this over again, but a couple of holes later, she was right back at it. Bless her heart, she is not a quitter.
crooked tree golf courseThe Amigas

Now you have to meet Terry. She is only about 5’ tall and can be swallowed up in any tall bunker. I am going to call her the “Bunker Queen”. Terry found herself in a very tall bunker while my sister and the other ladies were on the green. My sister said that all they could see was sand flying out of the bunker. No ball just sand. Terry took her first shot and nothing but sand came out. Now bless Terry’s heart, she didn’t even take a breath between shots. It was just 5 consecutive shots of nothing but sand flying out. My sister was laughing so hard, she ended up laying on the green. I think what made her laugh so hard, is that Terry never took a breath between shots. It was just shot after shot for 5 shots. After the fifth shot, Terry came out of the bunker, said “I QUIT” and headed for the cart. I would have just used a darn Hand Wedge after the 2nd attempt.


I have to admit that my husband has named me the “Bunker Queen” not because I can’t get out of them, because I am getting better and better at getting out of them. But there is a reason I am getting better. He calls me the Bunker Queen because if there is a bunker, I will surely land in it. So, I share your pain Terry. I really do.

So that’s it. I wish I lived closer to my sister so that I too could become an Amiga! They have way too much fun.