What Golfers Can Do To Improve the Speed of Play

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I am taking a different approach with this last article and just listing some ideas golfers can do to improve speed of play.

Ready Golf

If you know your group well, then practice ready golf.  If you are ready, then go ahead and hit the ball.  Of course, you have to have discussed this with your group prior to the start of the round and you must let the other players know that you are ready to hit. This is really helpful when one or more players are searching for their balls. It is also great idea for twosomes. My husband and I use it all the time. While he is looking for his ball, sometimes in the woods and sometimes in the long grass, I go ahead and hit so when he finds his ball or drops, he can go ahead and hit. It is also beneficial since I don’t hit the ball as far as he does. It gives me a chance to get ahead of him or at least be close to the same distance.

Hit from the Appropriate Tee Boxes

This really only applies to those who are not Seniors or Women as the tee boxes are already farther up. This is for those who use the Blue or Black tee boxes that are farther back. Unless you are a very long hitter or can make it to the green in regulation, you probably shouldn’t hit from the farthest back tees (normally blue or black tees). It doesn’t make you any less of a golfer if you can’t hit from the Blue or Black Tees. It just helps speed of play within your group and those behind you. It will probably cause you less frustration as you will have a better chance of making it to the green in regulation.

Get out of the Cart and Walk to Your Ball

If you are riding with someone you don’t have to sit in the cart while your partner hits his ball. Get out of the cart and walk to your ball. Always be mindful that you aren’t within his line of sight though. I do this a lot with my husband. It definitely helps improve speed of play.

Marking Your Ball

When you get on the green mark your ball. If you putt and your ball is within 3 feet of the cup, just go ahead and clean up the putt. It really does slow the speed of play when marking and remarking your ball. Of course, make sure everyone in your group is onboard with this idea.

Keep up with the Group Ahead of You.

Don’t stay in front of the group behind you. Keep up with the group in front of you. If you are playing slowly and can’t keep up with the group in front of you, then let a faster group play through. If you do this, you will make the golfers behind you very happy and they are less likely to hit into you. You also won’t feel like you are being pushed.

Obviously if you are in a league you may not be able to use all of these tips. And if you have the course to yourself then the tips may not apply. But if you practice these tips you will be doing your part to improve the speed of play when the course is crowded. Remember these are just ideas from the average lady golfer and are not in the rules of golf. These ideas just come from experiences that have caused my husband and I to think of ways to improve our golfing experience and for those golfers behind us.