When Nothing Else Works – Use a 6 Iron

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My husband and I and my sister and her husband went on vacation in Cabo San Lucas and stayed at the Park Royal Los Cabos Resort. We all golfed so booked a tee time at their golf course. The course has 9 desert holes and 9 ocean view holes. We went in August and the desert holes were closed. That was okay by us as we only had to play $50 a round at a resort golf course and the ocean view holes were absolutely amazing.

We played several times during our week stay. The ocean view holes were incredible. Some of the holes were really windy but overall a great golfing experience. We all played pretty well and of course my husband was playing exceptionally well until he didn’t. One particular day, there wasn’t a driver or fairway club in his bag that was working for him. So, what did he do?

before 6 iron
Before he couldn’t hit the driver and fairway woods.

It has been many years, so I don’t remember when he finally gave up and started playing with just his 6 iron but I believe it was on the beginning of the back 9. He used his 6 iron for every shot including getting out of bunkers and putting. He was playing so well he played the entire back nine like this. My sister and her husband couldn’t believe it. He was making these incredible shots and putts. It really was amazing. He even teed off with a putter on a par 3 over the water. His ball flew about 100 yards. He made a birdie on that hole.

troy putter
Instead of having one bad hole after another, my husband turned his entire game around by just using that one club. At first it was just funny and the more he played it became an awesome site to see.

So, if nothing is working, pick that one go- to club and just play with that one club. I know it sounds silly, but it worked great for my husband. He had an exceptionally good time not only playing well but entertaining the rest of us as well.