1Dzn-Callaway Chrome Soft 2020 Golf Balls-White


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1Dzn-Callaway Chrome Soft 2020 Golf Balls-White

The Callaway Chrome Soft is a Tour Ball that takes performance to another level.

Callaway has re-engineered every aspect and element in Chrome Soft for more speed off the tee, and longer distance off of every club in the bag. Callaway has completely redesigned the core and mantle, and how they interact to help elevate overall ball speed.

The high tech, graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core maximizes compression energy, from a significantly larger inner core, to provide higher launch and lower spin.

Callaway’s high-speed mantle system features a new proprietary Ionomer to create a more efficient energy transfer from the Dual SoftFast Core.

This mantle is a key component to consistent speed and a penetrating ball flight, from the driver all the way to your irons.

Chrome Soft is also synonymous with great feel, which is provided from a new thinner urethane cover.

The soft Tour Urethane Cover is extremely resilient, and combines with the core and mantle system to achieve unparalleled feel.

To complete the total performance package, we’ve optimized the aerodynamic design for longer distance and consistently higher ball flight.

All of these technologies are engineered to make this Callaway’s most advanced, longest Tour Ball.