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The EZ-Tee is a tee and ball setter that does all the work for you. Never bend over to tee a ball again!
NEVER BEND OVER TO PLAY GOLF AGAIN! The EZ-Tee allows golfers to tee their ball then retrieve their tee without bending. Use The EZ-Tee with any standard tee. No special tee to buy. The EZ-Tee is equipped with a pin-stand that allows it to stand up by itself.

“I had two hip replacement surgeries.  I                                EZ-Tee
thought I would never play golf again.
Now with the EZ-Tee,  I never bend over
when I play.”-customer testimonial
If you order now, we will include a suction cup for your putter.  This suction cup can retrieve a dropped ball from anywhere, or from the cup after you have
The game of golf requires a lot of bending over.
> Teeing the ball           > Picking up a ball                 >Marking the ball
> Repairing divots         > Picking up ball marker      > Picking up a tee
>Retrieving ball from the cup
If each of the things mentioned above is done at each hole, in an 18 hole golf game you bend over at least 126 times.  If you have back pain, hip replacement, are physically challenged, or just plain ache when you finish a game of golf, all this
bending over can make golfing uncomfortable.  You need The EZ-Tee.  Now you can play golf without worrying how you are going to feel during and after a game.  
Never bend over during a game again!
The EZ-Tee is so easy to use:
1) Place a tee and ball in the EZ-Tee positioner cup
2) Press the lever
3) Press the tee in the ground
4) Ease the EZ-Tee from the ball and tee, and you will have a perfectly teed ball every time.