Slick Line Golf Training Stickers



Slick Line Golf Unique Training Aid for golf precision alignment

Putt like the pro’s.

 Trim shots off every round using Slick Line Golf modular golf precision alignment and targeting decals.

Specially engineered to be placed directly on your clubs.

These Slick Line Golf decals will help you see the putting green and the entire golf course in a much clearer fashion.

Recommended by many golf trainers.

These Slick Line Golf decals help correct the most common flaw made by golfers, aiming at the wrong target.

See Video on how to apply the decals.


  • 60 Golf Club stickers 
  • 48 Arrow and 12 Balls all interchangeable.
  • 2 Ball Markers 4 Slickline White and 2 Black Stickers.
  • Just use one on your club or 2 or more combined to get your own unique shape.
  • Ideal for Putters. Attach carefully using the alignment card to make sure the sticker is fitted correctly.
  • For Drivers and Woods, it really helps align the face to the target.
  • Stop hitting good shots and putts in the wrong direction.
  • These unique golf training aids are designed by SlickLine Golf in Ireland